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Ruth McCartney, originally a British musician, and the stepsister of Paul McCartney, is now an internet, digital and new media entrepreneur holding the titles of CEO of McCartneyMultimedia.com, a creative digital agency; Co-Founder of fan management software company iFanz.com; and President of ConnectCode.mobi a QR technology and marketing software. Join Ruth as she embarks on the journey of social media marketing from the early Beatles days to corporate decision making today. An internationally acclaimed public speaker, and former Russian pop-sensation, appearing from Sydney to Siberia, Ruth McCartney has seen and done it all. As an entrepreneur, Ruth started the Woman Minority Registered McCartney Multimedia, Inc. with her husband Martin Nethercutt and mother Angie McCartney, in 1995. After being focused in mainly the music and entertainment industries, Ruth started venturing into the online arena in 1996. Many online, mobile and digital adventures have followed, with clients ranging from Intel to John Cleese, and from The State of Nevada to Roseanne Barr. Developing and designing web sites and online campaigns for their clients at first, Ruth now focuses her attention on all the methods of online marketing and social media interaction with celebrities, products, corporations, educational institutions and brands. Topics range from social media to marketing, pop culture and PR and all things digital.

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